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The China National Bureau of Statistics announced recently that Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 49.8%, 0.6% higher than the previous month. However, HSBC Holdings PLC (HSBC) announced that China's manufacturing sector PMI was 47.9%, which was the same as before, and lower than the official CCP number. Basically the China NBS is focusing more on large-scale SOE (State-Owned Enterprise) which help to boost the figures while HSBC use the private sector. HSBC's figures are more objective and comprehensive.

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Japan’s Ministry of Finance estimates trade between the two countries was nearly US$350 billion, almost twice that with the U.S. and China accounts for 21 percent of Japanese exports and 20 percent of its imports.  Also Japan was China’s third largest source of FDI after the United States and Hong Kong in 2011, investing US$12.7 billion. This represents approximately 11 percent of total Chinese FDI inflows, which hit a record high of US$116 billion last year. Japan’s investment in China has grown at a combined annual rate of 19 percent since 2001. So any shift in investments from Japan in China to other countries like Vietnam, The Philippines or Indonesia or even Myanmar due to aggressiveness of China's foreign policy would seriously worsen China's already declining economy. China has been on the decline for the 11th straight month.

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It is really worrying that, at a time when Chinese economy growth, artificially sustained by a bubble that is collapsing now, the value of orders from China, accounts for 30-40% of exports from Japan.
Now, the Unemployment Rate in Japan is 4.37%. What will it be when the Chinese Economy will have collapsed and its communist government overthrown ? It is likely it will reach 7 or 8% (over 5.2 million unemployed).

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Companies in Zhejiang province have been complaining about difficulties in operation since the beginning of June. According to those companies, situations may be worse than that in 2008 and 2009, when the world was suffering the financial crisis.
Zhejiang provincial people's congress issued a report showing a sharp drop in profit of 23.8% for large-size companies, 18.3% for mid-size and 14.3 for small-size.

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Mountain Lion (code name for MacOS 10.8), the new OS from Apple (AAPL on Bloomberg or Reuters) has just been released yesterday. A great system if you are moving away from Windows and are looking for a totally different experience as an individual, or if you are looking at reduced maintenance cost and support cost as a company.

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